Life Transforming Skills to Transcend Anxiety and Stress

Relaxation for Living (RFL) was created by philanthropist and founding member of the National Childbirth Trust, Amber Lloyd.  When her husband suffered an extreme heart attack in 1972 and she was forced to make significant lifestyle changes to reduce his stress levels, Amber set up RFL, the first relaxation charity in Britain.   

Amber believed that the set of strategies she developed for her husband could be applied to a wider audience to combat stress and the associated health effects in everyday lives. 

Although the charity no longer exists, the RFL approach endures. Amber’s practice of equipping people with the knowledge and confidence to make huge transformations to their lives remains the core philosophy, now that RFL & More has adapted to serving clients within a business model.

In 2010 Hazel Bate, a long- standing user of RFL, created Relaxation for Living & More Ltd (RFL&M).

The name has been adjusted to reflect that the company operates beyond simple relaxation and offers trainees practical and effective techniques to deal with stress and anxiety.

The RFL & More courses have been remodelled through the years and are based on the work of Amber Lloyd, Jane Madders, Laura Mitchell, Dr Claire Weekes and Alicia Ridout

Meet the Relaxation for Living & More team

Our aim is to train people who are passionate about health and wellbeing, both to look after themselves and to enable them to help others.
Hazel Bate
Hazel BateDirector
Hazel Bate, Company Director, is a passionate advocate of the transformative power of the Relaxation for Living and More model, with a particular interest in supporting those who go on to become RFL & More trainers.

Prior to RFL & More Hazel enjoyed a 23-year career in a fast paced, challenging industry, before developing long-term health problems that compelled her to seek out a more balanced life.

After being referred to a Relaxation for Living Course and experiencing a total change to her health, Hazel decided to dedicate her career to helping others achieve the same results.

Hazel’s additional qualifications include: Self-Management UK/CIC Course for Chronic Disease Self-Management; CPCAB Certificate in Counselling Skills (L2); Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations) L2; Self-Management Course Assessor.

Diana Bovington
Diana BovingtonLead Trainer
Diana Bovington is an Occupational Therapist and the Lead Trainer at Relaxation for Living & More.

She is dedicated to keeping up to date with her professional development and especially interested in researching and applying new stress management and mindfulness techniques to her clients.

Diana’s additional qualifications include: HCPC Occupational Therapist; CSCT Skills Counselling; City and Guilds Adult Education Teacher; Patient Handling Trainer; Reflexology; Adult Safeguarding Trainer.