What is your view on January as a time of the year? Are you excited about the twelve months ahead and the unlimited possibilities that lie before you? Are you relaxed after a restorative festive break and enjoying a gentle start to the year? Or are you weighed down in anticipation of a bumpy road back to your resting position of stress and anxiety?

Whether it has already started, or it will hit you later in the year, stress, as reported in a Forth With Life Survey in 2018 affects 85% of adults in the UK.  Where are you in that 85%?  How aware are you of your stress level?

With such good information about the catastrophic health effects of stress, why is it that so many of us are allowing it to take over? Is it assumed that stress is a necessary evil in life (Relaxation For Living & More strongly disagrees with this position), is there a certain “stiff upper lip” glory to harbouring stress? Or is it that not everybody recognises some of the symptoms in their own lives?

For this month’s blog, we wanted to look at four pain points that may not be immediately associated with stress. On their own, these symptoms may be harmless enough, or weather-related, but are you experiencing these alongside more traditional indicators of stress?

  1. A Sense of loneliness and isolation

January on its own is enough to bring about a sense of isolation. Days (especially days like today) are cold and short, and one could be forgiven for not wanting to leave the house. But could it be a sign of mounting stress levels?

  1. Aches and pains

Are you experiencing a strange pain in your foot or your arm?  Perhaps you simply slept in an unusual position? Although there is a huge connection between the mind and the body, aches and pains are often mistakenly treated as separate issues to stress or anxiety.

  1. Inability to concentrate

 Poor concentration? Are you not able to make it past the first chapter in your new year’s novel?  Perhaps it is January again, or it could be symptomatic of an increased stress load.

  1. Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities

Well, isn’t this just all of us? Is it that the to-do list is just too long this year or are you having problems in general with getting your tasks done?

These are all symptoms of stress and anxiety that are not as obvious as a pain in the chest or a panic attack. Worryingly they can often be ignored in an evaluation of your stress level. The longer it takes to diagnose stress within us, the longer the symptoms will last and subsequently the longer it will take to remedy.

In January 2019 we hope you’ll join us in focusing on a more balanced, stress-managed and relaxed lifestyle. Relaxation for Living and More believe that small changes to your everyday routine can provide transformative results, leading to a happier and more balanced life.

Why not take a look at our January Workshop: Opening Up To The Energy of Self Love with Azmina Jiwa.

Make this month the time you start reaching in to take care of yourself.