This month, we’d like to go back to the experience of the Relaxation For Living & More founder, Hazel Bate and her journey from chronic pain to recovery. Working in a high-pressure environment, Hazel endured chronic pain for over 15 years and assumed that her time as a competitive athlete had left a permanent condition on her body. She consulted with her GP and a number of sports specialists and was on the brink of accepting the chronic pain as a part of her life when a physio suggested that stress may be preventing a full recovery. Hazel worked in an extremely demanding environment but had never before linked the high pressures of her job to her physical aches and pains.

After being referred to a stress management course (similar to the ones she now runs) the recovery commenced immediately and within 3 weeks the pain had disappeared entirely. Since then Hazel has been dedicated to training people who suffer from stress and anxiety to make lasting improvements on their own lives, or the lives of their clients or those around them. Her particular passion is conveying the accessibility and simplicity of the changes an individual can make to their own lives to make a huge transformational difference.

We’re dedicating this blog to those who experience chronic pain or know someone else who does in the hope that the Relaxation For Living & More methods that Hazel used can go on to help others.

The diagram shows some of the possible effects of long-term stress on the body. At Relaxation for Living & More we take a holistic approach to stress management, that is, we see the mind and body as one interconnected whole. What affects the mind will undoubtedly affect the body.


This chart shows how long-term stress can manifest itself physically. In Hazel’s case, it was affecting her recovery from repetitive sports injuries. Time and time again she would incur injuries with long term pain and debilitation to her lifestyle. There was great relief in discovering that her health and recovery was in her own hands.


We’d like to share one of Relaxation for Living & More’s favourite fast-acting method to quickly calm down and reduce anxiety at any time.

Often when we are experiencing stress or anxiety our breathing becomes more rapid and we hyperventilate, which just exacerbates the situation.

Where ever you are use the “Quick Calm Down” technique:

  1. Do a definite out breath almost blowing out. Let it all out
  2. Drop your shoulders
  3. Take a slow in breath, let the air come in naturally  [Repeat once if you want to.]
  4. Count slowly backwards from 5 to 1
  5. Now carry on more slowly and calmly

How did this make you feel? Did you notice the change in your stress or anxiety level? Do you feel calmer?

It was small exercises like this that enabled Hazel to take control of her mind and body and end her chronic pain as well as improve her injuries.  Breathing is one of the simplest techniques that you can do to quickly control your stress levels.

One of Hazel’s clients recently used one of the Relaxation for Living and More breathing exercises directly after experiencing a large ‘second degree’ boiling water burn to her leg. She was able to calm herself down and significantly reduce the pain she was experiencing, she even managed to get to sleep directly after the accident.

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