Health  &  Teaching  Professionals

Empower your Patients & Students to Transcend
Anxiety & Stress

Do you have the responsibility of looking after the needs of others? For instance, as a dentist, doctor, nurse, therapist, carer, teacher or youth worker.

Are your clients too anxious to respond well to your work?

Is this resulting in your own exhaustion or frustration which in turn leads you to being unable to perform your work effectively?

Whether your clients are students or patients, our training focuses on powerful techniques using the mind and the body that are easy to apply. The techniques are immediately effective in helping your clients calm down and learn to empower themselves to break free of anxiety and stress to achieve greater confidence and fulfilment in their lives. Our methods are in line with NICE clinical guidelines for management of Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

As a great side benefit you won’t be able to help applying this knowledge to your own life. This will result in improved focus and resilience at work, leading to better results and more energy for the things that matter to you in your life outside of work.

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We all thoroughly enjoyed the learning and practise that you provided for us ad appreciated the fact that you personalised it to meet the needs of our Service… Personally for myself it was one of the most useful trainings I have undertaken and I am sure I will benefit both personally and professionally

FNP Supervisor, NHS

Excellent practical strategies linked to well explained theory, which increases confidence in them and the motivation to use them

Being an A grade student, panic attacks during my exams took me by surprise. The course broke the cycle of anxiety and fear that had become part of my life.

LSE, university student